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Team Apparel

Team Apparel

Latshmere Swim Team Swim Team apparel can now be ordered online. Please follow this link to begin shopping for Latshmere Swim Team (LAT) apparel:

Team Swim Caps

Please use the custom team cap order form posted at the bottom of this page.

A Collegiate Aquatics swim cap is also an accepted cap for meets. If a cap is worn at any competition, it MUST be either a Latshmere or Collegiate cap.

Latshmere/Collegiate Aquatics Speedo Team Merchandise

Team swim suits:

Female Aquablade or Female Enduarnce

Male Aquablade or Male Endurance

Our provider for Speedo Team merchandise for the 2015-16 season is T&T Swimming. Speedo team merchandise is listed on the Collegiate Aquatics Team Order form provided by T&T Swimming. Orders can be placed via email, phone. Please note that the information and order form posted is for the fall of 2015 but may be used for the current summer season (2016):

Team Suits and Caps at Meets

The Latshmere/Collegiate Aquatics Swim Team Suit Policy. -- The Latshmere Swim Team and Collegiate Aquatics does not require a specific team suit for meets, however, we are a Speedo affiliated team. Speedo is the preferred provider for pool/deck apparel. The official Speedo team suit for male and female swimmers is listed on the Collegiate Aquatics Team Order form provided by T&T Swimming.

All swimmers attending USA-Swimming competitions should wear either a Collegiate team suit or dark solid (black/navy blue) suit. For all types of competition, if a swim cap is worn, it must be a Collegiate team cap. The team cap should be worn during warm-up and all sessions of competition. Team shirts, sweats, and team colors are encouraged.

Team Suit Information (alternatives) - Collegiate's team suit for regular dual meets are listed on the team page (Speedo label and solid black). You can sometimes find black suits at Dick's Sporting Goods. Online, the best alternative may be

Latshmere Swim Cap Order Form 2016.pdf328.78 KB