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Best Audio Editing Software for All Levels and Budgets (2023)


Best Audio Editing Software for All Levels and Budgets (2023)

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the hard work was done once you’d finished recording your podcast? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. During post-production, the fun continues when you can make your recording your own, perfect any imperfections, and add the final touches. 

To bring your podcasting vision to life, you’ll need a high-caliber audio editing software that makes your life easier. Riverside.fm’s Editor does just that. Riverside is the best audio editing software, from automated transcription to customizing your video podcast to AI speaker view. Let’s see why. 


  • Audio Editing Software is software for editing, polishing, and finishing up your audio recording. 
  • Your audio editing software should support lossless file formats such as WAV for maximum quality.
  • The best audio editing software for podcasters is Riverside.fm  
  • Riverside.fm records your audio in studio-quality, automatically transcribes your audio, and gets your podcast ready to go in minutes. 

What is audio editing software?

Audio Editing Software is software that allows the user to edit and manipulate audio recordings. Most audio editing software feature media libraries for adding music or sound effects and the ability to add effects, filters, or fine-tune the audio in some way. 

Podcasters will either record their audio and upload it into their podcast editing software or record directly into their editing software. 

You may also see the term ‘Digital Audio Workstation’ (‘DAW’). This refers to software that can record, edit and produce audio, so it’s very similar to audio editing software. 

Why use audio editing tools?

The power of audio editing tools lies in the freedom they give you to bring your podcasting vision to life. They enable you to perfect your podcast recording to ensure maximum production quality, edit out any mistakes, add branded sound effects and transitions, as well as bring in pre-recorded audio. The possibilities are endless. 

How to best use audio editing software

Although audio editing software offers a whole range of functionality and features, you’ve got to know what you’re doing. What we mean is, you need to know your way around the software to get the most out of it. So make sure you’re clued up on the hidden features or trickier processes. 

Common file formats supported by audio editing software

If you can, opt for audio editing software that supports lossless audio file formats such as WAV. Lossless file formats maintain the audio quality of your recording because the audio is uncompressed. By contrast, lossy audio file formats, such as MP3, compress your recording and sacrifice quality in the process. 

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The Best Audio Editing Software for 2023

One thing’s for sure, given the amount of choice, it’s challenging to choose audio editing software. Let’s take a look at some of the best audio editing software available right now: 

1. Acoustica 

Acoustica audio editing software

Price: $199 Standard edition, additional $79 to upgrade to Premium Edition

Try with a free thirty-day trial 

Compatibility: Windows & macOS 

File Formats Supported: WAV, WAV64, AIFF, MP4, MP3 


  • Create multitrack sessions by importing or recording audio clips 
  • Powerful retouch algorithms help you maximize audio quality in intricate detail
  • Spectral editing enables precision restoration work with tools such as brush, freehand or magic wand 
  • Processing chains which you can save for later for batch processing of audio tracks

Overall: Excellent retouching and restoration functionality, although the layout and interface could be improved. 

2. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Price: $20.99/month 

Compatibility: Windows & macOS 

Audio File Formats: WAV, MP3, and more 


  • Clean up or restore your audio 
  • Precision & Multitrack editing editing 
  • Essential Sound Panel makes editing even easier for beginners 
  • Functions as a DAW as well as an Audio Editing Software 
  • Works seamlessly with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications for cross-platform workflows 
  • Aimed not only at audio production but video production too. It could suit you if you’re a serial video podcaster. 

Overall: A professional audio editing software with a high-caliber suite of features. Some podcasters may feel that Adobe Audition is excessive for their editing purposes - especially with the high price point. 

3. Logic Pro

Logic Pro audio editing software
Logic Pro

Price: $199 one-time purchase 

Compatibility: macOS 

Audio File Formats: 


  • Live loops 
  • Use your iPhone or iPad with ‘Logic Remote’ 
  • Quickly turn sounds into instruments using Sampler and Quick Sampler
  • Intuitive, Apple Interface 
  • Good selection of audio processing tools 
  • Easy transition from Garageband to Logic Pro 

Overall: One of the best professional audio editing software for Apple, aimed at experienced sound engineers. Robust selection of tools combined with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. 

4. Magix Samplitude Pro X

Magix Samplitude Pro X audio editing software
Magix Samplitude Pro X

Price: $279.00 for the Pro X365 version 

Compatibility: Windows

Audio File Formats: WAV, MP3, and more 


  • Edit while live recording 
  • Ultra-low latency recording 
  • Advanced MIDI editing 
  • Steep learning curve with a whole array of features to get to grips with 

Overall: Samplitude Pro X is one of the best professional audio editing software for Windows.  It’s jam-packed with editing tools and features that every sound mixer will love. 

5. Reaper


Price: $60 one-time purchase

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and macOS 

Audio File Formats: MP3, WAV, and more 


  • Multitrack audio editing 
  • Group your people, settings, and builds into folders for better organization 
  • A stable and efficient program that’s not too intense on your computer
  • Render queue, so you can leave Reaper to do its thing.   

Overall: An affordable DAW that is highly effective. Not too resource-intensive, meaning it’ll run even on older computers. 

6. Riverside


Price: Free, paid plains starting at $15/month

Compatibility: Browser-based, access Riverside anywhere and everywhere 

Audio File Formats: WAV, MP4, and more 


  • Record up to 48kHz audio resolution without worrying about internet connection getting in the way
  • Edit audio by editing your recording's transcript so anyone can create high-level content in minutes
  • Save time and use your recording transcript to navigate through your video without rewatching it
  • Ai transcriptions in over 100 languages with unbeatable accuracy, ideal for repurposing audio
  • Record with up to 7 remote guests 
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface 
  • Automated tools for background noise removal, echo cancellation, and audio normalization
  • Media board to mix and add sound effects live while recording
  • Create short shareable clips to promote your content on social media. 

Overall: Riverside is the best text-based audio editing software. With Riverside editing an audio recording, is as easy as editing a text document. You can use Ai transcriptions to effortlessly edit your audio. Plus, with local recording you're and high-resolution, you're guaranteed studio-quality recordings every time.

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7. Soundation

Soundation audio editing app

Price: Starter plan at $4.99/month, $9.99/month for the Creator Subscription, and $29.99 for the Pro Subscription 

Compatibility: Windows & macOS 

Audio File Formats: MP3 or WAV 


  • Browser-based so that you can log in anywhere
  • Soundation community helps you connect with likeminded people and share your creations 
  • Software instruments, drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers 
  • Audio effects library 
  • Live collaboration with friends or colleagues - think Google Docs but for audio production. 

Overall:  Soundation is a powerful online DAW aimed mainly at the music industry. The community aspect may attract some podcasters or music mixers. 

8. Soundop

Soundop audio editing app

Price: $129 one-time purchase 

Compatibility: Windows 

Audio File Formats: WAV, MP3, and more 


  • Edit unlimited audio 
  • Efficient and straightforward audio editing software 
  • Low latency multitrack recording and playback 
  • Noise reduction tool helps you to clean up your audio 
  • Effects chain enables you to batch-edit your audio 
  • Multitrack mixing 

Overall: Though Soundop offers a basic suite of editing tools, there are probably stronger contenders out there at the same price point. 

9. TwistedWave

TwistedWave audio editing app

Price: Free to download, $99.90 upgrade available 

Compatibility: macOS, iPhone/iPad and online 

Audio File Formats: WAV, MP3, and MP4 


  • Works seamlessly on iPhone and iPad. Add any audio recording from your phone or tablet and get started. 
  • Record audio directly into TwistedWave 
  • Good range of editing tools such as fade in/out,  amplify, normalize and insert silence.
  • Batch process files & build effect stacks for later use 

Overall: Simple and affordable, Twisted Wave is considered a classic audio editing software. Some podcasters may find the interface a little outdated or clunky, but it’ll do the trick. 

10. Wavepad

Wavepad audio editing software

Price: $39.95 for the Standard Edition and $69.95 for the Masters Edition

Compatibility: Windows, Android, and macOS 

Audio File Formats: WAV, mp3


  • Easy and intuitive interface 
  • Wide range of editing tools: Amplify, Normalize, Equalizer, Noise reduction, and more 
  • Extensive sound library with over 1,000 free audio clips 
  • Batch process your audio files 

Overall: WavePad is simple editing software and not suitable for podcasters wanting to edit multiple tracks simultaneously. To do that, you’ll have to download a software extension. There are probably better options out there.

Check out our guide to best podcast recording software

The best free audio editing software 

11. Apple Garageband

Apple Garageband audio editing software

Price: Free with Apple Devices 

Compatibility: macOS, iPhone, and iPad 

Audio File Formats: WAV, MP3, MIDI, AAC, AIFF, CAF 


  • Easy-to-use and familiar interface, so you can get started straight away. 
  • Extensive and varied media library that’s free to use 
  • Works with Logic Remote App (free for iOS devices) 

Overall: Garageband is a beginner-friendly audio editing software that boasts Apple’s sleek interface and premium features. This is a no-brainer for entry-level podcasters with an Apple device. 

12. Audacity

Audacity audio editing software free

Price: Free to download

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and macOS 

Audio File Formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF 


  • Open-source, so if you know what you’re doing, you can add your very own features 
  • Record live audio into Audacity 
  • Wide range of plugins available 

Overall: Audacity is a well-known audio editing software, but it has recently mounted some accusations of privacy concerns against it. Despite this, many podcasters are avid Audacity fans and highly rate the software’s straightforward and easy-to-use interface. 

13. Ocenaudio

Oceanaudio audio editing software

Price: Free to download

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and macOS 

Audio File Formats: 


  • Easy to use interface that makes it easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Batch edit to save time  
  • A simple but straightforward suite of editing tools with effective keyboard shortcuts 

Overall: Budget-friendly audio editing software that offers a good but basic selection of editing tools. If you’re an ambitious podcaster, Ocenaudio might not be up for the job.

Best audio editing software and apps for beginners

If you're new to audio editing, you'll want to make sure that you're using audio software with a simple interface that's easy to use. If you're looking for audio editing software for a Mac PC you can always try Garageband. For other devices you can use Ocenaudio. If you're looking for an easy editor online then you can try Riverside without having to download anything.

Best audio editing software for podcast production


Riverside.fm is the easiest audio editing software for podcast production. After all, it was designed with podcasters in mind. Record, edit, transcribe and get your podcast ready for export and publication in one place.

Advantages of Riverside.fm 

HD audio-quality

Riverside captures your audio locally, directly from the source, using what’s called double-ender recording. This means your final audio quality is crystal clear, saved as 48khz uncompressed WAV audio. 

Each participant is recorded separately 

Riverside records each participant on an individual audio track. This gives you the control you deserve over your recording because you can edit each channel in isolation without interfering with all the audio. And don’t worry - Riverside automatically syncs and lines up your separate tracks. 

Riverside.fm’s Editor 

The Editor is a video and audio editing software for podcasts. Get your video and your audio in tip-top shape fast. Once you’ve finished up in your Riverside recording studio, simply select your recording files and run them through the  Editor. 

Automated Transcription 

Riverside.fm will automatically generate a transcription of your recording, meaning you don’t need to use a separate transcription software. 

AI Speaker View  

AI speaker view will analyze your recording and automatically switch to the person speaking 1 second before they begin. This means your video transitions seamlessly between speakers. 

Media Board

Want to edit your sound live? With Riverside’s Media Board you can add sound effects to your audio as you record. You can also upload pre-recorded tracks to use while going live.

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How to choose the best audio editing software 

A podcaster’s choice of audio editing software is highly subjective. It’ll come down to considerations such as budget, expertise, and general preference. 

Functional Without Internet Access? 

If you often find yourself without internet connection, this could be a significant problem unless your audio editing software works without Wi-Fi. By contrast, a browser-based editing software, like Riverside.fm, might suit you better if you’d like to save hours in post-production. 

Mac or Windows? 

Your choice may be narrowed down depending on your operating system. Your audio editor of choice may only be capable with Apple and others only with Windows.


Your budget will determine how much you can (or can't) spend on your audio editor. If you're on a tight budget, you may want to opt for one of the free audio editors.

Ease of use?

Ease of use is particularly important if you’re a beginner to audio and sound editing. The best audio editors for beginners should have simple automatic tools that will save you time and make your audio editing process more seamless. 

What features are you looking for?

Think about the type of editing you’ll need. Are you looking to just remove background noise, or do you want audio mixer software that gives you more flexibility in fine-tuning your audio and adding sound effects?

Frequently Asked Questions about Audio Editing Software

What is the easiest audio recording software to use?

This comes down to your level of experience and what you’re used to. Different audio editing software have different learning curves, and some are easier to use than others. If you’re an absolute beginner, try Riverside’s Editor - it does all the hard work for you. If you’re a seasoned editor, you’ll be able to use more complex audio editing software like Adobe Audition or Logic Pro X. 

Should You Have Audio Production Hardware Before Investing in Software? 

Nowadays, it’s unnecessary to invest in a complete audio production setup to record a studio-quality podcast. All you need is a microphone, headphones, and recording software - like Riverside.fm. 

What audio software do professionals use?

Again, the answer to this is highly subjective. Popular choices include Adobe Audition and Logic Pro. 

Is Adobe Audition the best audio editing software?

It depends on who you’re speaking to. Adobe Audition certainly offers an impressive range of high-caliber editing tools. On the other hand, many podcasters will tell you that Adobe Audition’s suite of features are over the top for podcasting. 

What is the easiest/best audio editing software for a beginner on Windows?

Riverside.fm is designed to be easy while generating a perfect podcast recording ready for publication. Alternatively, you could try TwistedWave or Audacity. 

What is the best audio editing software for podcasts

Hands down, Riverside.fm. It’s the best audio editing software for podcasters because it’s designed to make their lives easier. Don’t just take our word for it though, try it now with our free trial! 

Is Audacity still free?

Yes, Audacity audio editing software is free. You can easily access and download their platform online from their site.

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