An Island of Swimmers.

As an island nation, surrounded by 6000km of coastline and 12,000 inland loughs, Ireland averages 120 drownings per year. Now consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on these figures, when over 500,000 children missed out on swimming lessons – it doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

Swim Ireland want to improve the opportunity and experience for all swimmers, and so, supported by Sport Ireland, we will bring our innovative solution to the very real problem hitting the headlines – where can you access swimming when your local pool is at capacity or too far away?

With the support of Fingal County Council our first Pop-Up Pool will be landing at Donabate Portrane Community Centre from May 3rd, with additional pools coming soon in Wicklow and Sligo! Every school term the Pop-Up Pool will move to a new location on its journey around Ireland.

The Pool that comes to the People: Swim Ireland’s Pop-Up Pool!

Holding 45,000 litres of water, this 12m by 3.4m steel structure will plant itself firmly in the car park of Donabate Portrane Community Centre until mid-July. With the water heated to a toasty 30 degrees and the pool sheltered from the elements in a hard sided marquee, what more excitement do you need when going for your weekly swim! There are changing rooms onsite, a ramp and a hoist – this accessible pool of water is the ideal place to learn to swim, hone your skills or just remember how great it feels to block out the world and dip your head in the water!

With an ambitious target of 750 swimming experiences a week – Swim Ireland want YOU to be part of this swimming adventure! We will have school swimming, evening and weekend swimming lessons, community groups and private hires available, the opportunities are endless. To book your slot, just decide what you want from our menu and click the link! If you want more advice then speak to one of our experienced team who will advise you how you, your school or your community group can get involved!

Let our aspiration be your inspiration and start your swimming adventure now!

School Swimming Programme

School Swimming Programme

The Pop-Up Pool will have dedicated school swimming lessons running between 9.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday. These lessons are available for all primary aged children and are fully inclusive, catering for individuals with physical, sensory and learning impairments.

Class size: 16 swimmers

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes (minimum booking time is 60 minutes – 2 30 minutes classes can be delivered within this time)

Bookings can be made by contacting

Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim

Have you been struggling to get your child into swimming lessons? Swim Ireland are bringing the pool to you with children’s’ lessons from 3rd May until 3rd July! If you would like to sign your child up for lessons at Donabate Portrane Community Centre, here’s what to do;

  1. Identify which Level you wish to Book (See FAQ for Level information)
  2. Click on the Booking portal
  3. Choose your class day and time
  4. Go Swimming!

Bookings can be made through our Booking Portal (Bookings for LTS are currently full and will re-open again soon)

Community Group Access

Community Group Access

For local community groups, this is an ideal opportunity for you to get into a pool, learn to swim, get fit with our Aqua Aerobics sessions or just feel the serenity of jumping into the crystal-clear water! For specific information on activities that are suitable for the pool, please contact the Participation team.

Bookings can be made by contacting

Private Hire

Private Hire

The Swim Ireland Pop-Up Pool is also available for private hire! If you are a qualified swimming teacher or coach and want to make use of our pop-up pool while it visits Donabate. Bookings can be made by contacting

Pop-Up Pool FAQs

Is there a pool timetable?

You can view the pool timetable here

What are the type of bookings available and their costs?

Swim Lessons

  • Can be booked by and for individuals.
  • €10 per lesson, depending on length of the block.
  • Payment required in advance.


  • €50 per hour
  • 16 kids: full hour
  • 32 kids: 2x30 minute session

Community Group

  • €50 per hour
  • €65 with swimming instructor.

Private Hire

  • €125 for 2 hours.
What lesson level should I choose for my child?

Keep in Mind….

When deciding which level to book your child into, always keep in mind that it is much better to move your child up a class because what they are doing is too easy than moving them down because it is too difficult. A negative experience caused by fear can damage their confidence and be much harder to overcome and as such will hamper progress. Being at ease and relaxed, where a child feels comfortable, will allow them to feel safe, they will feel proud of themselves and this will only enhance their learning experience. When selecting the level of class for your child, and you have any doubt at all…choose the lower level – Swim Ireland will always move your child up to the next level if they are in the wrong class or the activities are too easy for them.

Level 1

This Level is for complete non-swimmers, your child may not have done swimming lessons before, be a minimum of 4 years old and not able to go into the water independently. Normally children in this level will be nervous of putting their face in the water and uncomfortable when they are out of their depth or without parental support.

Level 2

This level is for beginners who can move around the pool wearing arm bands or swim discs, your child will learn to be safe without any floatation aids, will learn to move under the water and on top of the water. By the end of this level your child will be able to float unassisted on their front and their back and be able to move through the water over 5m.

Level 3

This level is for children who can submerge under the water and float on their front and their back without any artificial aids or any physical support from an Assistant Swimming Teacher. Your child will be able to move comfortably but won’t have any specific stroke technique. By the end of this level your child will be able to show basic kicking action of all four strokes, hold a streamline position and be in a position to keep themselves water safe.

Level 4

This level is for children who can show kicking action of all four strokes and will begin to learn the arm action and develop their technique over 10m.

Will I be able to get changed at the pool?

Yes – there are male and female changing rooms but we recommend that you come for your session beach ready; wear your togs under your clothes, so that you just need to take your clothes off and jump into the pool!

Are there showers available?

There are no showers available in the Pop-Up Pool

What should I wear to swim?

You should wear your swimwear – ideally tight fitting shorts or costume, swimming hats are required and it’s always good to bring a pair of goggles to protect your eyes.

What age do the swimming lessons start from?

Our Learn to Swim programme starts from the age of 4 years. Our lessons running in the afternoons and weekends cater for children aged 4-8 and 9-16 – please check the details of the lesson to see if it is for the younger age or the older age group when making your booking

We are a community group and wish to use the pool, what kind of activities can we do?

You can just go for a dip, ask us for a teacher to provide some lessons or we can find an Aqua Aerobics instructor for you. We can also provide equipment to try mermaid/shark lessons or you can bring your own inflatable toys for some inflatable fun!

What are the dimensions of the Pop-Up Pool?

The Pop-Up Pool is 12 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 1.2 meters deep.

Who can I speak to if I need some help?

You can contact the Swim Ireland Participation team who will be happy to help you, the best person to speak to is Julian Murphy, who you can contact by emailing or by calling +353 (86) 838 4346

For enquiries on the Pop-Up Pool