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How To Upload Video Podcasts To Podbean [2023 Step-by-Step Guide]


How To Upload Video Podcasts To Podbean [2023 Step-by-Step Guide]

As video podcasts skyrocket in popularity, it’s time you find a compatible host. 

While Podbean is one of the oldest hosts out there, it knows how to stay with the times. The platform is home to over 540,000 podcasts and has plans for all budgets. Yet, unlike many other hosts, Podbean is also video friendly. You can easily setup a video podcast and share it online. 

We’ll show you how! Our guide will walk you through all the steps you need to upload a video podcast on Podbean.

Why Use Podbean

1. Supports video

Not only does Podbean allow you to host a video podcast, offering unlimited video storage with their Unlimited Plus Plan, but it also offers seamless, automatic upload to YouTube, Facebook, and other socials. 

2. Podcast website with own domain integration

One of the major appeals of Podbean is its podcast website service, which gives you the opportunity to use your own domain, too. You’ll be able to edit the fonts, colors, and styles to customize your podcast just how you want it, and have an attractive landing page to direct your audience to, without having to invest in a separate website.

3. Distributes to all major directories

Podbean offers integrated distribution to all the major directories where you’ll want your podcast to be found. This includes Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and more. This saves you a lot of time and effort from having to manually submit your show to all the different outlets.

4. Detailed analytics

Analytics are an incredibly important part of developing an audience and building a successful podcast. Podbean provides comprehensive statistics that allow you to see how your show is performing, to understand your audience better, and implement strategies to grow your fan base accordingly.

5. Seo Meta Tags plugin

One awesome feature of Podbean is that it offers an SEO Meta Tag plug-in. Essentially, this means that you can insert your own meta tag into the header of your podcast site. This allows for easy management and optimization of SEO titles, keywords, and descriptions for search engines, to attract many more listeners to your podcast, and grow your audience.

6. Monetization options

The monetization possibilities are a major factor in why many users choose a Podbean RSS feed, over competitors like Buzzsprout. You don’t have to take ads or affiliate marketing to make money through your podcast, you can monetize your show simply through posting content. Best of all? Every podcaster has the chance to monetize right from the start!

7. Unlimited bandwidth and storage (on all except free plan)

Don’t have a huge budget? No problem. Podbean offers unlimited bandwidth on all tiers (except the free plan), so you don’t have to worry about limiting your content, just because you have limited cash flow. 

8. Sharing tools

Podbean podcasters can share their podcast across socials using the embedded sharing tools. You can connect your social media profiles to your podcast account, so you can post episodes automatically or create audiograms for Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Which Plan Is Right For Me?

#1 Basic Plan

The basic plan is totally free, so it’s a good option for beginners who want to try their hand at podcasting before fully committing. You’ll get 5 hours of storage space and 100MB of bandwidth per month, and be able to use the podcast website with free themes (not PRO themes), and have an RSS Feed and iTunes support.

#2 Unlimited Audio Plan - Best for Audio Only Podcast

Your next option comes in at $9/month annually, or $13/month, monthly. From here onwards, all options include unlimited audio storage and unmetered bandwidth, impressive PRO themes and advanced custom design, as well as podcast advertising. This is a pretty reliable option for an audio-only podcast.

#3 Unlimited Plus Plan - Best for Audio & Video Podcast

Unlimited Plus kicks the pricing up a notch to $29/month annually, or $39/month, monthly. It might seem steep, but this is the option you’ll need to integrate video with your podcast, as it includes unlimited audio and video storage (and more monetization opportunities).  Including a video element to your podcast could be extremely beneficial in developing an audience, as it enables a more intimate connection with them, as well as being incredibly useful for having content to repurpose and use for marketing across socials, where you can extend your reach.

#4 Business Plan

This is the largest plan offered by Podbean. It comes to $99/month, annually, or $129/month, billed monthly. The business plan includes all the features from the previous plans, plus extra features like unlimited podcast channels, multiple admins, private podcasts with SSO authentication, and live chat support.

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How To Set-Up Your (Video) Podcast With Podbean

Setting up your Podbean account only takes a few minutes, and it’s a straightforward process, outlined in the following steps.

Step 1: Set Up Your Basic Information

First things first, set up your podcast title, logo, category, and description.

  1. Click the settings icon on the left-hand panel.
  2. Select ‘General’, then edit the Title, Category, and Brief description boxes.
  3. Upload your logo, which should be a minimum of 1400x1400 in JPG or PNG format.
  4. Click the ‘Update Options’ button to save your progress
Adding in Podcast Show details on Podbean

Step 2: Select a Podcast Site Theme

  1. Select ‘Distribution’ from the left-hand panel, and choose the “Podcast Website” page.
  2. Click ‘Customize’ to choose from Podbean’s wide array of professional themes, and to customize layout, header image, theme color, and more. 
  3. Press ‘Submit’ to implement the changes.
Creating a podcast website on Podbean

Step 3: Upload your (video) podcast

  1. Click ‘Episodes’ on the left-hand panel, then select the ‘Episodes List’ page.
  2. Click ‘New Episode’.
Uploading a podcast on podbean

  1. Upload your podcast file in mp3 (recommended file type) for audio-only or mp4 for a video podcast.
Choosing files to upload for a Podcast episode on Podbean
  1. Edit the episode title, episode description, and an episode-specific artwork if you like.
Adding an Episode Title and Brief on Podbean
  1. Select ‘Publish’ to post it immediately, or schedule/save it as a draft. 
  2. You will find your episode in the ‘Episode List’. Hover over the eye icon to view your episode on your website.
An Episode List on Podbean
A podcast episode on Podbean

  1. After you’ve published one episode, you can start sharing it to other directories to build your audience! Head back to your dashboard, select ‘Distribution’ on the left-hand side, then choose the ‘Podcast Apps’ page. Click the ‘+’ sign next to directories where you’d like to submit your podcast, and follow the steps in the pop-up.
Podcast apps for distribution from Podbean

Step 4: Share Your Podcast To Socials Automatically (e.g.  YouTube, Facebook)

  1. Select ‘Distribution’ on the left-hand panel, then click the ‘Social’ Share page. Select + on the accounts you would like to connect.
Sharing a podcast to social media through Podbean

  1. A pop up will appear for you to connect your accounts.
Sharing a Podcast to YouTube through Podbean
  1. When you upload a new episode, make sure the relevant social media icon is highlighted as a sign that it will be shared.

So, Is Podbean Right For You?

Podbean is a well-established name in the podcast hosting world, and it offers a wide variety of options for beginner and professional podcasters alike. From its comprehensive analytics to its built-in website and super handy social sharing function, it’s hard to go wrong hosting on Podbean! Best of all, Podbean is one of the few hosts that allows you to publish video podcasts, which is a form of media that can greatly increase your reach and engagement. If you’re a video podcaster, Podbean is the way to go.

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Stone Roshell | Head of Podcast Production
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